Innovation Films is a purposed based organization with a main vision of creating a solid film industry that would export world-class filmmaking.


We are a Multimedia company specializing in Film and Television production. Innovation Films recently wrapped two feature films; The Package Vol.1 and Lockdown:Red moon escape. Qatari director Ahmed Al baker expressed deep-seeded passion to develop his country's cinematic interest, so thus beginning the genesis of Innovation. Since then, Innovation produced a number of successful short films and Co-Produced an American INDIE film titled KillCam directed by John Darko.


The films marked for the first time a Qatari based production company partnering with Hollywood thus breaking through cultural boundaries, and stereotypes by perpetuating a working relationship through the common love of genre art. Innovation also prides itself on creating and nurturing local talent; both on and off the camera by placing interns on set mirroring industry professionals.


We also conduct script writing, producing, and directing classes, as well as, implementing weekly acting workshops overseen by Academy Award nominee Scander Copti. To make sure that these talents get a real feel for filming, Innovation Films places them on commercials, full length and short films. The key differentiator for Innovation is that 80% of the film crew is local including film professionals or trainees.

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